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Heating Outputs

The right kind of heating output for your room depends on the climate zone, room size, home features, as well as your requirements. Too small a heater will fail to adequately heat the area, but one too large will cost extra money, and also oversizing is unsafe. The suitable kW output is mainly reliant on the area to be heated and the climate zone in which you live.

Wide ranges of heating outputs are available to suit people’s individual needs. The heat pump can provide better heat at low, long-term costs than a lot of the other options. These come with Energy Star ratings that give you an idea of efficiency. Heat pumps produce a high coefficient of performance (CoP), operating at low temperature differentials. Heat pumps are available in a number of different forms and exploit different sources of low-grade heat.

Other electric heaters with outputs up to 5 kW include a variety of heaters, which include panel radiators, natural draught and fanned electric convectors. These heaters have low installation cost, take up less space, require minimum maintenance and are very efficient. On the other hand, they tend to emit CO2 and the running expenses can be high.

Wood burners are also a highly energy-efficient variety of heaters and use renewable energy and have limited air pollution. These have several advantages, some of which are low running cost, functionality during power cuts, and the output can be controlled by regulating the fuel input.

Gas heaters are those which use natural gas or LPG to run. These provide fast, more controlled heat, and are cost-effective if you already have a gas line or pipe in your house. Modern gas heaters are highly efficient and have low running costs. They have an advantage of being able to be run in any direction from one point and can effectively heat more space from a single installation point.

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